Episode #5~ Midsommar and Hay Envy

Neighbor Herman is putting up hay and Blind Hog and Acorn will buy all he will bale. Find out about haying, grass, grazing and everything that can go wrong. Blind Hog and Acorn know first hand.

Our neighborly neighbor

Acorn will also talk about her annual wildflower outing that she does on Midsommar’s Day. The following were found on the 2.5 mile gravel road between the paved road and the mailbox: American ipecac, black eyed Susan, brown eyed Susan, butterfly bush, cat’s claw brier, chickory, common hedge parsley, daisy fleabane, daylily, elderflower, flowering spurge, goat’s rue, heartleaf four o’clock, honeysuckle, hop trefoil, narrow-leafed plantain, oxeye daisy, queen Anne’s lace, prairie coreopsis, prairie phlox, prairie rose, purple milkweed, red clover, robin’s plantain, spiderwort, white clover, white sweetclover, wild blue larkspur and wild hydrangea.

Midsommar arrangement

And finally, why did Grant Wood of American Gothic fame destroy one of his own paintings?

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