Episode #9~ Bread and Honey

What is better than sourdough bread and honey???

Acorn wants YOU to bake your own bread- sourdough bread to be exact and yes- it is just that easy. Think of it as a science experiment! No yeast is needed- just flour, water, salt and your sourdough starter. Here is Chef Roland’s recipe for catching your own wild sourdough starter, well-loved and stained from Acorn’s archives:

“After the starter is made, Chef’s flour and water proportions for making sourdough bread are similar to mine, but I use a wet hand to mix the dough, not a mixer, and his sourdough bread recipe calls for the addition of yeast, mine does not. I also bake the loaves in preheated Dutch ovens with the lids on at first. It is how the Acorn do.”

Want to pick up a nice, homey, French cookbook for your collection? You can contact/message Chef and Elaine through this link: https://www.facebook.com/La-Galette-Berrichonne-271761916263568/

Making a dough, working it into loaves, and baking the bread is truly a rewarding, multi-sensory experience. Whatever you do, do NOT cut into a loaf before it has cooled. If you understand the science of why grilled/roasted meat needs to rest for 20-30 minutes after cooking, then you will understand why bread must completely cool first before cutting. Moisture needs to slowly even out through the cooling bread, under the protection of the crust. Cutting into the hot bread releases too much moisture, changing the texture. Blehhh.

And what to do with the leftover starter/leaven you made the night before? Mix in a beaten egg and add another 100 grams of flour of your choice (all purpose, whole wheat, spelt or buckwheat) and a splash of milk. It’s Waffle Time!

Cookies you ask? Yes- BY ALL MEANS make the cookies dough but who says you have to bake it all at once? Save 2/3 or more back and freeze the dough!

Now that the bread is baked and cool, put some honey on a slice . As you enjoy the treat, think back at all the bee effort that goes into making that honey:

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