Episode #12~ Middle of Summer

Lack of big rain has not hurt the elderberries too much, what has Acorn been doing with them?

The goats were treated to the forage behind the house, temporarily fenced off for their dining pleasure…

Blind Hog and Acorn hung the gutter on the porch and started a new project, which brought up memories of “The Nightmares of Livestock Transport.”

Trailering goats and cattle is never a dull moment.

3 thoughts on “Episode #12~ Middle of Summer

  1. Dear Lady,

    I SO look forward to reading about what you’re up to… and (of course!) I have a nit to pick. When I “click” on the link to read it, the screen opens, almost all full of header, and there is only room for two lines of text… I’m trying to put a “screenprint” to show you, and I am sure that more clever people than me could re-set things on their computer to be able to see your post. Sigh. Yvonne


    1. Are you looking at it on the tablet, phone, or desktop computer? Sometimes the phone shows it best… Go to the website, click on the Menu, then click on Podcast Episodes…


  2. Good Sunday morning!

    Was pleasantly surprised as I listened to your podcast earlier this morning. Somehow in our email exchanges, I expected you’d be talking about how to “restructure” a transporting cage for goats and cows. I laughed out loud at all the “hazards” involved in such transports, especially with your vivid descriptions and pictures of the incidents. The moral of the story from my perspective is, “let the buyers pick up their own desired livestock!”

    I don’t know anything about elderberries, however…I sure would love a jar of homemade blackberry or raspberry jelly…and Dad’s a big fan of blueberry jelly. Just a hint in case you feel compelled to send us something for Christmas. 😊🎄 Nothing says lovin’ like something from MJs kitchen!

    Another quiet weekend for us, although yesterday afternoon I decided to try my hand at painting. I’ve been following a FB group offering watercolor tutorials as well as the opportunity to post and comment on other folks renditions of the subject. The instructor is based in Australia and the group consists of novices like me to accomplished artists. I’m often intimidated by how good many of these folks are and have not yet had the nerve to post my first two attempts. I’ll take pics with my cell phone and send them to you…however, you must promise not to tack them up in the hen house!

    Time to get a breathing treatment in, have some lunch, and decide how I’ll while away the afternoon.

    Love and hugs, Joyce



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