Episode #15~ Old Things and New Skills

Big winds Saturday blew down the sunflowers- most 10-12′ tall! Acorn looked them over, might be able to dry on out if hung in the workshop.

Blind Hog and Acorn sorted through old boxes of books and found some unwanted lurkers- lots of Fun Facts about these critters- probably more than you want to know!

Brown recluse with violin marking on back

Acorn found a watermelon hiding in the garden and lo! It is ripe!

Acorn has picked up a new skill, learning to play the ukulele- so far so good… A year of Fender Play app access for 50% off?? Sweet deal and The Badger just happened to have left her ukulele here on the farm. Bonus!

3 thoughts on “Episode #15~ Old Things and New Skills

  1. I don’t do podcast listening, so I wish your blog posts were a little “more”…..Do you sell goat milk? You must with 100 goats. I had 38 at one point…too many!


    1. Just have 4 dairy girls, and I am drying them up as we speak. LOL-I went to podcasting because I thought they were easier to do than write a longer blog! Thank you for taking the time to listen to the podcast.


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