Episode #16~ So You Want to Farm?

Galeux d’Eysines squash, curing in the pantry

Blind Hog and Acorn sit on the porch and record “en plein air” with the new shotgun/cardioid mic on the smartphone.  Surprise! It worked out quite well.  Even recorded in stereo!

Overkill or wise investment in safety? Thankfully we will never know!

Bullets from the episode on “helpful hints for starting a farm”:

  • Start as debt free as you can
  • Look into apprentice and internship opportunities
  • Read some Joel Salatin, and even the old Scott and Helen Nearing books
  • Fencing will and should always be a number one priority
  • Investigate different animals, breeds, as well as breeders
  • You do not buy breeding stock at the sale barn/auction house- that is where you take your problems
  • Safety equipment for animal handling is cheaper in the long run than a trip to the emergency room
  • Travel around the area you are thinking about farming, look at places- LOTS of places
  • Consider your (wholesale/retail) market opportunities
  • Building codes or property restrictions? Better fine out now than later!
Old chain grown into the limb is a great place to hang a solar lantern- with any old farm, you figure out hot to make things work.

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