Episode #19~ Work the Bees with the Acorn

Come out to the apiary with the Acorn and go through the four hives. You will be safe, no bee suit required HOWEVER if the incessant buzzing of bees will give you the willies, then you might want to skip this episode!

Acorn went through all four hives and found a few interesting things. You will learn a fun fact about what bees do when they are smoked and how the Acorn will feed them sugar. We do have a drought going on, after all…

No new pictures from this episode- could not record and take pictures at the same time! Acorn tried, will have to work on that for next time. These are pictures from earlier in July.

EDIT- I gave the wrong recipe for winter syrup. Is 2 lbs of sugar to 1 lb of water… 1:1 is “spring” syrup… Winter syrup is 2:1…

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