Episode #20~ A Week in Review

Blind Hog and Acorn sit on the porch while Sam has his supper and discuss the past week’s work. Acorn is not sure how many goat kids are running about, and Blind Hog was reminded to check the almanac before digging- taking note of the phases of the moon specifically!

Acorn also “virtually attended” a Podcasting Masterclass Workshop and learned some really cool things, some of which will help future Blind Hog and Acorn episodes; #haveaplan. Some times you cannot see the forest for the trees, and Acorn does want to stay focused. Don’t we all?

Black walnuts are up out of the yard and on their way to the huller. How much income will the duo make??? Good question. $16/cwt after hulling…

Mars was lovely so see, looked quite impressive. Jupiter and Saturn too were out and nicely visible. Will be cloudy the next few nights, not sure we will be able to take the telescope out.

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