Season 2, Episode #1~ Happy New Year

This is how we get our head caught where it should not be…

Blind Hog and the Acorn had a very nice holiday: usual farm chores, goats getting stuck in things, machinery to be fixed, hay to be set out. You know, all the typical things that go on regardless of holidays… New episode will be live 1/3/2021.

New Year’s feast of cornbread, black eyed peas, collard greens and plenty of hog jowl for seasoning!

Acorn has some new plans for Season 2 of Blind Hog and Acorn.  Dare we mention the m-word?  (merch!)

Farmhouse Brownies with extra dark chocolate ships and craisins!

Starting a new feature of weekly recipes from SteelMeadow Farm.  This week’s installment are Farmhouse Brownies– they are freakin’ easy and so gooooood. You can find the recipe link here, which will take you to the farm’s website:

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