Season 2, Episode #2~ Interesting Times, but Same Old Same Old on the Farm

Going live Sunday 1-10-2021: Blind Hog and Acorn have enough to do on the farm.  Selling some goats, whipping up dogfood for Sam and blueberry-pumpkin muffins for the farmers- the recipe of the week. Click here for the muffin recipe.

Ozarks geology means goats must have selenium booster shots to avoid white muscle disease. Vaccinated half the adults, the other 24 will be done soon as Acorn prefers to do this 4-6 weeks before kidding.

Fixed the washing machine- replaced the drain hose and drain pump.  YouTube videos to the rescue. $65 in parts, but 4 hrs in very deliberate labor.  Removing rusted screws took up most of the time.

Winner winner chicken dinner– need to butcher a rooster tomorrow. Good eating to follow later in the week! But Acorn, how do you butcher a chicken?  Listen and find out!  No- I don’t do that “running around with the head off thing…”

Fun fun…

Need a great yoga or meditation app? DownDog is pretty darn good. Helps keep Acorn on her feet! Plus, their meditation app is fun too… 75% off as we speak!

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