Season 2, Episode #5~ Hay Chores, Wiring, and Marie Kondo-ing

Sparrow at the baby monitor in the dairy barn

Episode 5 for season 2 airs 1/31/2021! Blind Hog and Acorn have been busy- doing this and that…  Hay out for the herds, unpacking stuffs from 15-20 years ago, going through old papers (and bronze sculpture items), rewiring the shops for the new welder and plasma cutter, taking down old light fixtures and putting in LED flood bulbs. Going in a gazillion different directions, but slowly but surely, things are being accomplished.  Acorn is ready to get welding!

Bronze long guns that Blind Hog was going to use in an art installation piece, centered around diners and truck stops. Now these will be door pulls on the two sliding bedroom doors.

Of course, it has been raining. Flood or drought. Welcome to the Ozarks.

Ice cream!!!

Acorn made Blind Hog some “special” ice cream.  If you have a counter-top ice cream maker, you already know how easy it is but perhaps you need to bring it out and give it a go.  Half-and-half, a bit of sugar, cookie crumbs and a splash of brandy.  Need I say more?  Recipe is here

Mr. Wiggles is HUNGRY

Sam interrupted the recording to get his supper.  He can be hard to ignore when he has food on his mind. For some reason the microphones were super sensitive- had to really turn down the gain today.  Will give that a check later on.  Most peculiar…

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