Season 2, Episode #8~ The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Polar Vortex is winding down, cold air receding, and temps actually creeping above freezing. Hot Damn! (Episode #8 goes live 2/21!)

Acorn did have time for a bit of fun- SNOWSHOEING to get the mail and take Sam for a walk down the road.

Blind Hog and Acorn have continued to soldier on- feeding the livestock, waiting for baby goats- expected and unexpected.

Callie has twins! Jackets only stayed on till the kids were dry.

Fortunate for running water and electricity, however plans are in the works for “yet more farm improvements…” There is always room to make things run better, smoother, and to be prepared for outages of one sort or another.

Yummy lunch of homegrown tomato soup and grilled cheese made with our own ingredients!

Good news about the increased temperatures is that trees were tapped today for syrup, and Acorn saw sap collecting in the jugs! Amazing! Boiling it down will only yield a few ounces, but OH! What a treat it will be!

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