Season 2, Episode #9~ Sapped Out

The sap run was short and sweet!  Acorn figures it was actually a false run, brought on by the Polar Vortex.  Two weeks of below freezing temps forced the sap back down, and when the temps warmed up, up came the sap.  Good enough for two quarts total of finished syrup.  Impressive, especially if you think of the 40:1 sap to syrup ratio!

Goats in the dairy barn are all kidded out, now is kidding time for the commercial and Spanish goats.  The old goat barn has been prepped, all good to go.

Acorn had to get out of bed at 10:30 pm to eliminate a varmint in the hen house that killed another hen.  Sam got skunk sprayed.  Blind Hog got his first Fauchi Ouchie.  All in all, a typical week on the farm!

This year’s syrup haul… Not bad for our first attempt…

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