Season 2, Episode #12~ Vernal Equinox

Podcast dropping 3/21/2021: First day of spring on the farm and how cold was it???  23F!!! Crazy!  Good news is that it will be warmer next couple weeks, so that will be helpful for the new baby goats- up to 41 total now- is a field of popping white kidlets out in the field.

Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing the usual chores, setting out hay, counting the kids.  Even started back on that sculpture friends Glen and Becky desire.  Acorn could not help giving Blind Hog a hard time about “studio help…”

Blind Hog’s new wall art

Pasture rotation will be more of a priority in 2021, keep the herds moving and make the most of the available forage.  The more you move, the better it is.  If you have the time of course and time is what we have plenty of.

Acorn up on her lookout deck at the hay barn

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