Season 2, Episode #13~ Hatching Big Plans

Sunday’s podcast tells how Acorn is incubating all sorts of ideas to make farm dollars, literally and figuratively.  14 goose eggs are in an incubator, and 2 doz chicken eggs to go into the other. Plus, pending goat and heifer sales, let the good times roll!

Blind Hog continues progress working on the wall sculpture commission, so that is also most excellent.

Lacking only 5 more goats to kid, “piss or get off the pot!”  Acorn is getting a bit tired of waiting on the stragglers, but stragglers they are.  These girls must have just gone out of heat when the bucks went in, so you can figure 4 weeks after the first kids hit the ground, so there you go.

Has been a lovely first week of Spring, but wait- snow and subfreezing temps in the forecast in a few days. Always something…

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