Season 2, Episode #16~ Chicks-r-Hatching!

Dropping Sunday morning- the latest podcast!

What is that racket you ask? PEEPS!!! Chicks have begun to hatch; geese, fingers crossed, should begin pipping next week.

Blind Hog spent time on the Massey Ferguson, clipping yet another paddock. He even went to the East Field and cut up that dead tree that had fallen on the fenceline.  Brought it home in three loads, and already has it cut to length, ready for the woodsplitter.

Acorn has been gardening; plants set out, water lines flushed, drip tape laid and floating row covers stretched out over PVC conduit hoops over the beds.  Looks nice!

Morels are popping, asparagus too.  Blind Hog even hoisted Acorn up into the front end loader and the purple martin gourds are all ready for their occupants.  They forgot to mention this on the podcast. Maybe Acorn needs to make a list of topics, you know, like she used to do

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