Season 2, Episode #22~ Clipping the Pastures

Blind Hog has spent the last week on the Massey Ferguson, clipping seed heads off the fescue. Acorn has been in the garden, putting in the last of the vegetables and then went all crazy using the string trimmer.  Such fun!

She’s also been working on her PowerPoint presentation for the goat talk in Sedalia in a few days.  You know, definitely not putting it off to the last minute or anything…

Grass is growing, goslings are packing it on, and all is well on the farm.  Acorn got a bit sidetracked playing along today- but what else is new?

Will see if a guest will be joining the podcast next week!

One thought on “Season 2, Episode #22~ Clipping the Pastures

  1. Acorn you know how necessary it is to create a little tension for the creativity to spring forth. You can never start too late, but you can start too early and waste time. I am impressed with those tractor driving skills of Blind Hog by the way.

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