Season 2, Episode #24~ Sneaky Snakes

Weather has gone from “light jackets” to “turn on the a/c” in a matter of days…

Acorn has had some run-ins with local snakes, one of which had got the goose off her nest and was in the process of eating an egg- all when they might be starting to hatch! (well, if there are any that will hatch that is…) The snake was released in the woods, with Acorn bitching all the way…

A goatling had got herself trapped under the garden fence and died, Sam nabbed a groundhog and deposited it by the porch.  Blind Hog has been on “body removal” duty.

Farm website is undergoing a major platform shift and resulting webpage upgrade.  Acorn gets to complain complain complain.

However, chores are now done, time to have a sit down and relax.

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