Season 2, Episode #28~ The Doctor Will See You Now…

All the colors of the rainbow…

Blind Hog saw an ortho dude and it is all good news- torn calf muscle and he is already doing “all the right rehab things.”  Tincture of Time , as my old MD boss would say.  In the meantime, he does what he can, puts his leg up, wears one of my stylish hiking compression socks and is his usual happy-go-lucky self. Listen to the podcast which drops Sunday morning, July 11th.

Grass is taking off after the rain last week, fields looking good.  Garden will need to be watered soon.  Blackberries are beginning to ripen!  Yay!  Cows and goats have all been moved about to new paddocks.

The piggie chickies (Cornish cross broilers) are growing like weeds- between 2.25 and 2.5 lbs now.. Letting them out and about supposedly will slow their growth down, and they also do not get chicken feed at night.  They are a bit behind their growth chart, but as long as they don’t fall over from heart attacks (common) then that is good.

Delivering the wall sculpture tomorrow!  Very excited!

One thought on “Season 2, Episode #28~ The Doctor Will See You Now…

  1. Acorn,

    Please tell Blind Hog I do feel his pain. In fact, I was in that same ugly place a few yrs back. I took photos to send my doc electronically and told him that even with my art and painting background my leg and foot was showing me colors I could not describe and had never seen before. The dog was amazed even! It is all good now but I sure do not want to go there again.




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