Season 2, Episode #31~ Acorn Made a List!

Yes, Acorn made a list of most of the things accomplished to talk about for the podcast. She did leave off filling 350 lbs of mineral mix into all the livestock feeders.  They had the mill put the mix in 25 lb bags instead of the 50 lb. bags Blind Hog was carrying when the tore his calf muscle.  Blind Hog said Acorn was handling those 25 lb bags quite nicely, while he sat in the truck with this foot on the brake.  Yes- we do not trust the parking break on the F3509.  That is Acorn’s task tomorrow…

First eight of the Cornish Cross chickens are processed, along with the three cockerels who were twice their age but half their size.  The remaining “piggie chickens” will be processed when they run out of feed.  75 lbs of feed remain...

Acorn picked chanterelle mushrooms, sauteed them in butter and put them in the freezer for future feasting.  Bees are doing super, two hive splits are thriving.  Momma cows are ready to be bred for spring calves.  They will get back with the bull Fintan once the last of the 2021 kids go to market, in a week and a half.

Fields are doing super, best grass out there in several years.

SteelMeadow Farm has a new goat plan- going with registered Savanna bucks which means the current unregistered Savanna bucks have to go.  Fred has already found a new home.  George is yet to find his.  Not only were they were both unregistered but they also had more than two teats.  Acorn says no to supernumerary teats of goats.  Period!

Rain to move in and a cold front with it.  Hot damn!  Drunk Uncle ukulele provided the podcast’s noodling in the background.  Play it loud and play it proud!

Pullets are now protected with insulation foam to help deter the black snakes… Will it work? Time will tell!

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