Season 2, Episode #34~ Blind Hog and Sam have the Conn for the Weekend

Yes- Acorn is leaving for the weekend for family visit- boarding pass in one hand and a negative ‘rona test result in the other. Blind Hog and Sam will take care of things, and stay out of trouble… Hopefully. Blind Hog promised no tree felling or lumberjacking.

Past week has been spent cleaning house, tidying up, cooking-canning-baking. Garden and yard are groomed, livestock moved to new grazing. Should be easy sailing for the lads. Why does it seem there is so much work to get a house in shape before even just one person goes on a trip? Acorn felt like Gayle Waters-Waters…

When Acorn returns, the farmers will try to “catch the train” and be “railfans” for an afternoon. The largest steam engine in the world, UP #4014 aka “Big Boy,” is passing by within a 2.5 hr drive of the farm. Acorn is beyond excited. Catch the schedule here:

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