Season 2, Episode #35~ Bona fide Railfans

Phew!  Whatta week!  Acorn returned back from a fun weekend in Florida with Dad and Joyce- hot winds, cool pool and  much relaxation for a tired farmer.  She had to jog between terminals to catch a connecting flight but hey- she and her luggage both made it!

One day to ‘catch up” on chores, (namely- replacing the carburetor on the Massey Ferguson 35), and then a whole day spent behind the wheel- driving 3 hrs to Arkansas to see  the Big Boy locomotive in action for a 45 min stop.  Blind Hog and Acorn left after 30 minutes of train pictures, videos, etc and drove an hour north to a little crossroad town along the tracks.  Set up, took a video of the train blasting through, then back in the car.  6 miles up the road to Poplar Bluff where the locomotive was to spend the night.  After almost 2 hrs of standing in line for a spot on a shuttle bus, they made it to the rail-yard for 20 minutes of yet more pictures and videos.

Finally, it was time to leave and head back to the farm- a 2.5 hr drive.  Bona fide railfans, Acorn cannot wait to chase the locomotive again.

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