Season 2, Episode #38~ Piddly Chores

Lots of loose ends getting done around the farm- hot tub was repaired, drained and cleaned. Purple martin gourds removed and put away for the winter.  Corner fence post reset and fence wire affixed. Hay feeders are now in the yard awaiting new tarp covers which Acorn will make out of used billboard fabric.

Blind Hog fired up the burn pile then later he and Acorn also mounted the 10 yr old gas grill onto a nice, smooth,  level platform.  Nor more wobbly grill!  Acorn gave it a good cleaning and new sear plates are on their way- will have it cooking like new!

Some of many…

Barn kitties are also forthcoming next week- friend Judy wanted to do a steep reduction in her numbers- we are taking 4 teens and a momma with 3 kittens. They will be divided between three barns.  Looking forward to “rodent control” make no mistake!

Acorn has begun new classes online for healthcare professionals- she desires to start her own “thing,” more about that will be disclosed later on.  She did however go ahead and secure a catchy web domain while thinking “If you build it, they will come…”

Finally from the SteelMeadow Kitchen- Homemade English Muffins are easy!  Do not be intimidated! While you are baking bread, cut off a couple 3 oz blobs of dough to rise. “Dry fry” on an ungreased iron skillet for 7-8 min on “medium/350F”, then flip for another couple minutes. DO NOT EAT until the next day- trust Acorn on this- you need to wait for the steam to escape and the muffin to be dry…

One thought on “Season 2, Episode #38~ Piddly Chores

  1. Way to go, Acorn! Thanks for the mental “nudge” which has me scrambling to capture http://www.ToDoToDay.(the suffix is the problem, apparently others have had the same thought, before I did!) I’m enjoying some Hazelnut International Coffee and will keep trying on the domain name, now that I JUST got an overdue column in to Terry Hankins (whew!). VERY best to you both, Yvonne


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