Season 2, Episode #42~ Winter is Coming, Prepare the Wood Stove!

Wood stove is prepped for the upcoming season- flue pipe cleaned, stove vacuumed out, glass windows washed.  Blind Hog rolled in a couple loads of firewood and Acorn will lay the first logs.

Blind Hog could talk for a whole show about how much he loves that Hearthstone wood stove- Acorn is surprised he passed up the opportunity.  Must be because of that tooth extraction he had the other day…

39F at  the farm this morning. Livestock are all fine, barn kitties hanging in there.  The calico who disappeared the first day has been sighted.  her name is now “Nessie,” because, you know..

David Sedaris is coming to Springfield next week.  Blind Hog and Acorn snagged free tickets, which BTW, were gone in 10 minutes.  Even Badger nabbed herself a pair!  Springfield Library must have got a grant or something to bring him here…  Show has been delayed/rescheduled 3x due to the pandemic. Fingers crossed that the stars will stay in alignment for Thursday night. The venue is small and he will stay at his signing table until the cows come home.

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