Season 2, Episode #43~Blind Hog and Acorn Go Out on the Town!

Hard-workin’ farmers do get to go to town and have fun every now and then, right? 

After mucking about with the walnuts, tending the livestock, feeding the new kitties, Blind Hog and Acorn headed to the Big City to see David Sedaris, live and in person.  3 Words?  “It was awesome!”  Acorn picked up a copy of his latest book, “A Carnival of Snackery” and had him sign it.  He did so while asking questions “Did you grow up on a farm?  Have you ever eaten horse?”

Even snagged a pint at a local micro-brewery beforehand. Like a real “date night!”

Acorn has future outings planned that involve new theatrical releases…  Dune, The French Dispatch…

A section of piss-poor fencing got replaced. Always fencing work to be done. 

Rain has been falling, 6.07″ for the month so far!  Hot damn and pass them cookies!

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