Season 2, Episode #44~Possible Aurora Tonight???

Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing all the usuals- moving the herd, got the last pasture clipped after grazing. Even picking up 8.44″ of rain for the month of October! Crazy!

Bees have been getting a bit of thick syrup to top their stores off for the winter. Garden has been cleaned of all eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes. Hard frost is on the way next week.

Acorn skewered one of those Cornish Cross chickens on the rotisserie for lunch… Delicious. Thanksgiving around the corner and the farmers are going to be having company- goat folk on a vagabond route. Frank, Brian and Kate will land at the farm for a week of f-u-n… Looking forward to it!

Will Blind Hog and Acorn see the Northern Lights tonight? They will certainly give it a shot, even if it means walking out to the hay barn at 11pm…

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