Season 2, Episode #46~ Blind Hog has a Birthday, Acorn has a Cold…

A very busy week on the farm and nothing will stop the busy farmers… Not even sinus colds or 80th birthdays…

Blind Hog has the deed done; electric is in the conduit and in the nice trench, already hooked up to the main power box as well as the new breaker box in the old goat barn. Acorn has been a snotty thing, but has also been quite busy. Almost 40 new trees planted all around the yard- long leaf pine, Norway spruce, witch hazels and bald cypress.

Now to fill in the trench, complete the transition from 110V power supple to 220V but the farmers can do it. Gallons of chicken soup, full of “vit-ah-minns” and loaded with garlic, jalapenos and everything else from the fridge have been consumed and Acorn stewed those two roosters today- more soup to be made for tomorrow!

Acorn finally made the covers for the round bale feeders. Did not take any time at all, plus Sam was a big helper…

One thought on “Season 2, Episode #46~ Blind Hog has a Birthday, Acorn has a Cold…

  1. Way to GO, to both of you! Much moral support from your fans in Montana (not that THAT will help at all… Here, winter approaches, and somehow gravity is getting a little stronger as time goes by. Have either of you noticed that happening? I/Yvonne am trying to make a new checklist that will keep me on schedule, if not on task, as reading everything from the news to Alistair MacLean novels is like mental catnip for me… I’ve never even sampled alcohol or drugs, but the printed word is a siren’s song to me!

    Very ver best regards, Yvonne

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