Season 2 Episode #50~ All Clean

Blind Hog and Acorn finally FINALLY got the goat barns mucked out, clean and ready for winter/January kidding.  Phew!

Only took one front tire repair on the Mahindra and removal of up-teen front end loaders of piled up “residue” raked up from the barns to get the job done.  Much better now, even though the pictures might not look that nice.

Cows are enjoying their new grazing paddock since we moved them over last Sunday.  Goats have a paddock all to themselves. Ruminant Heaven!

One thought on “Season 2 Episode #50~ All Clean

  1. Yoiks, Mary Jane and Glenn! 

    Fog here with off and on snow.  

    Does gravity get heavier as one ages?  My attitude is DEFINITELY getting buffeted by life.

    Thinking good thoughts about both of you, very happiest holidays wished to you both; please laugh AT those of us who choose to live in an environment like Choteau, Montana’s!   Yvonne

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