Season 2, Episode #51~ KC and the Sunshine

Phew!  A busy and fun week for the intrepid farmers.  Blind Hog and Acorn completed a few more projects and even managed a day in KC!  The Kemper Museum! The Nelson Atkins! IKEA too!

Weather was sunny and nice for the trip and the next day? Almost 3″ of glorious rain. The pastures (and livestock) are loving it.

One thought on “Season 2, Episode #51~ KC and the Sunshine

  1. Phil and Judy would certainly be entertained with the animals and all the rest that you do down on the farm. If we can put this Covid and the fear of it behind us we need to do some planning. FYI: Phil, Ken and Lon made a trip to KC back in the day, did some things at KC Art Institute and visited the museums as well as the market before we headed back to the ‘Boro. Phil returned to curate a Bob Stackhouse exhibit and spent time at the Bellger Foundation, That would be fun to revisit. Glad you got your Raina nod things sound very good. We think of you guys often.

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