Season 3, Episode #4~ Kidding Begins!

Slow week on the farm- cold weather blew in and our farmers spent most of the time indoors.

Verdandi did kick off the kidding season with a set of twins- born at dawn when the temps were 0°F. Oy!  One kid was chilled so much that it would not stand, but an hour inside with some Lyle’s Golden Syrup on her tongue and soon she was ready for milk and after that, her momma!

Calli, another dairy goat, has been doing a bunch of talking lately- she may go next. Acorn got all the dairy goats on the milling stand to give their hindquarters a trim- helps with kidding and milking.  Just in time for Verdandi’s delivery!

A dozen 8 ounce jars of black syrup in the pantry- expect a bumper week coming up next week for sap. Temperatures will be perfect!

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