Season 3, Episode #8~ Sleety Sleet Sleet

Sleet covers the ground, but it is beginning to thaw.  Thank goodness for ice cleats!

Commercial goats have held off kidding (so far) during these single digit wind chills and icy weather. Dairy goats, kids and Irish Dexters are all managing well enough.

Time to begin trapping the barn kitties and get them spayed/neutered.  Actually, Acorn had one in the trap already but it escaped when lifting the trap door to unload into the cat carrier. That was “Little Pumpkin,” and “Nessie” was spotted when the “Special Kitty Tuna Pate” was reloaded in the trap…

A batch of beer has been fermented and now bottled. Now to wait 2 weeks! Actually only bottled 42 bottles from the 6 gallons, was not sure how many would be used.

County road is in dire need of attention, will see if communication with state reps will do any good.  The local road commissioner says there are no funds… 8 loads of gravel is all they can afford over here?

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