Season 3, Episode #10~ Kids-a-Poppin’

34 commercial kids born Monday through Friday. Sired by the same buck, they are all white- quick eartagging and notes help tell kids apart when things get confusing in the barn!

Snow storm pretty much missed the farm- just had some flurries yesterday but not “inches of accumulation.” Works for Acorn.

The tie rod on the F350 broke- the connector sleeve wallowed out the threads and so the rods pulled apart. New tie rods are already delivered, will be installed next week. Acorn texted the road commissioner to voice her angst over the condition of the road. Barking out the door and no one to hear…

New recipe for you to try… Lemon muffins!

Ethel laid her first egg, it has the “bullseye so YAY! The geese are “doing it!” Will try a few in the incubator once she gets more laid.

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