Season 3, Episode #11~ Farm Mechanics and Pasture Management

A productive week on the farm~ Blind Hog and Acorn repaired the F350’s tie rod ends. Was the picture perfect set up of a 20 yr old truck up on jack stands in the front yard. Once the pair of farmers got started, it was “just that easy.”

Road Commissioner has promised to send a road grader, but the county is so big and the tax base so small, they are not expecting much.

Blind Hog got the three paddocks of the west field clipped, broom sedge is now mowed and the field all leveled out. Grass is already much greener where the livestock are not grazing so yes- the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!

Goat kids are bouncing around, 43 “tighty whities” running here and there. Still have a few more goats to kid. Now for the cows- this may be Lulu and Calpurnia’s last calving. At 16, their arthritis is really slowing them both down.

Ethel is is in “egg mode,” laying an egg every other day. 4 in the nest. Acorn will wait for a few more more eggs and then will steal four for the incubator. Will see if the pair can raise any goslings. Last year none of her eggs hatched and the attrition from black snakes eating her eggs was high.

Gas line parts have been acquired, the camp stove used for sap reduction is now a “fixture” under the carport, next to the grill. A flanged “tee” in the line allows for a separate line to the camp stove- now both units are hooked up to the main propane tank. Of course, there is a cut off valve just before the tee. Cannot trust the valves on the grill or camp stove to be super tight and “off” totally. Sweet!

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