Season 3, Episode #12~ Ball Joints…

While Acorn was able to replace the tie rod ends, little did she and Blind Hog realize the ball joints all needed to be replaced as well.  That little issue was discovered at the shop when the front end alignment was started.  It is what it is… Have a farm?  You must have a working truck.

Goats are being milked and then there is yogurt for the freezer. Load feet installed on the goat tilt table and the weigh unit calibrated!  Working goat scale!  No more picking up kids!

Fields are greening up, calves will be born in about another 7-8 weeks. The future of cattle here on the farm is discussed.

Hooray for the last of the barn cats to be neutered!  Boots and Ink went in together.  Of the 5 remaining barn cats we got from Judy, these two are right tame!

Do we even need to discuss “Sock it to Satan??”

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