Season 3, Episode #18~ All the live long day…

Working working working...  Blind Hog and Acorn have been earning their bread labor since the rains decided to stop.  Full days outside working in the garden, brush hogging the fields. sorting goats, moving goslings around. Days being longer just means they just keep going

Lupine had her final calf, and after watching her push a few times with nothing to show for it, Acorn had to pull a “James Herriott” and reach inside (up to her armpit) to see what was the problem.  No front feet or nose, but a bum with back legs tucked under its body.  Acorn had to grab each back hoof and ease it out and when both feet were showing Lupine gave some mighty pushes and out plopped a lovely dun bull calf. Phew!

Garden is “getting there.”  Goslings love their new LARGE area and even “self loaded” into their night-time pen this evening. Only one cow left to calve, our dear Calpurnia.  She is bagging up, so it won’t be long.

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