Season 3, Episode #22~ Fun with Friends!

Company from Baton Rouge have come and gone but in between Blind Hog and Acorn had a grand time.  Much fun was had by all, including a day trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, as well as their sister facility, The Momentary.

Goat kids have been weaned, with the exception of Little Helper’s 6 week old doeling.  Little Helper is in with the mob of kids, will act as a “trainer” for us, teaching the rest to come when we call.  The farmer s are working on dismantling the chicken tractor/mobile coop to transform it into a mobile goat feeder.

0.80″ of rain for the month, and it was 100F when we left to go to the Post Office.  Ground is powdery dry.  Boots throw up “poofs” of dust when you walk.

Cotton Patch geese are very happy, about adult size already. And look WHOOOOOO was watching when Blind Hog and Acorn went to the Post Office!

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