Season 3, Episode #23~ Mobile Kid Feeder

Acorn will once again be leaving Blind Hog to man the conn while she is gone to Florida to do estate things, namely selling the car.  He and Sam will be left with a fridge full of goodies, but NO black rice ramen noodles with crispy broccoli and ham.  Apparently Blind Hog was not impressed with that lunch..

Another project completed!  Blind Hog and Acorn dismantled the former “chicken tractor” and turned it into a sweet looking AND functional pellet feeder for the goat kids!  No jumping in the troughs, fouling the feeding area with goat pebbles or mud.  Is a bit crowded at feeding time, however half of the kids will be going to market at the end of the month-  the doelings will remain until they are sold when they have grown a bit more.

Weather is hot and dry at the farm, garden requires watering.  Been three weeks since the last time the lawn was mowed.  pastures now getting a bit brown and crispy.  Like uncut hay out there…

Your favorite podcasting farmers will be back on the air on the 18th.

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