Season 3, Episode #25~ Up on the Rooooof

Our favorite farmers turned into roof repair techs this past week- hard to turn down an opportunity to save cash.  $1,400 repair estimate from one company, but when Blind Hog and Acorn could score the materials for $300?  Of course!  They did it themselves!  Good news is that the roof ridge has been replaced and should be (knock wood) waterproofed and leak proofed.

The bull Fintan, cow Sorcha and her bull calf went to Tennessee on Monday morning, happy that they will be well taken care of at their new home. That leaves SteelMeadow with three cow-calf pairs, the fewest head of Irish Dexters ever.

Bucklings born in March went to market today. Nice looking group of kids. Very pleased with these Savanna cross breeds- no matter the color or breed of the momma goat, all the kids look alike.

Sam nabbed a huge groundhog- this was not discussed in the podcast. What was discussed in detail was surgical castration of the two bull calves.

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