Season #, Episode #26~ Acorn Returns, Back Into the Attic!

Acorn spent a few days at the Florida house repainting a couple rooms, fixing a few things, and being a general-all-around-handyman. Back at the farm, she and Blind Hog are back in the attic preparing to install a louvered gable vent and attic fan.  So exciting!

Was unusually cool today (upper 60’s) at the farm but the farmers did not complain. Being up in the attic was quite bearable!  Fingers crossed they can complete the project tomorrow. Sorry- no pictures this week

One thought on “Season #, Episode #26~ Acorn Returns, Back Into the Attic!

  1. Go, folks – louvers and a fan – GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Very best regards from so far away… and far away from what feels like everything! Our goats are almost all done kidding, kids and moms are doing very well. All the doe kids have been spoken for since before they were conceived – who, named Yvonne, is (not only smugly grinning, but) running out of patience with folks who refuse to pay any attention to meat goats as a fun, easy, and profitable venture? Maybe I’m finally also growing up, because rather than getting frustrated, I’m (finally) starting to realize that it’s their loss, not my problem.

    Exhausted after having now tried to be a good person for many moments, I’ll go find a much-needed cup of coffee and then keep working on putting the 31 years of goat-data in little spiral-bound notebooks and later in three-ring binders into a computer database. Decent English that wasn’t, but please just smile when you look toward the West!

    Take care of each other and have a special little treat in my honor – no cookies in this house, but wouldn’t that be nice? 😊


    Yvonne Zweede-Tucker


    Smoke Ridge


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