Season 3, Episode #31~Prepping for Holiday

10,000+ steps on Acorn’s Fitbit and she has not really left the house- all that spinning around in circles!  Blind Hog did the pasture walks, mowed the grass, refilled mineral feeders, moved the goats, tended the laying hens. Geese are watching over the pullets.

Chores winding down for the day- beans to snap and then jar up for the canner, okra to blanch and can as well.  Won’t little sammiches from that rib roast be delicious on the plane???

Blind Hog felled, cut, and split a dead persimmon tree, will burn well. One good cord of wood laid by, second one started. Phew!

4.04″ of rain yesterday, the county road did wash, but did not wash out so much that cars can’t get through. Praise be! Farmsitters will arrive in the morning, plenty of time for relaxed coffee chat before  the farmers depart.

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