Season 3, Episode #34~ Honey, I’m Hooooome!

Acorn left for a fun weekend trip to Houston, only to be diverted on her way home to Fort Myers. Talk about a mess down there!  Thankfully, the house in the Trust was pretty much unscathed and the closing of the sale, scheduled on the 29th, was NOT cancelled but only postponed a week.  Buyers so happy that they could not wait.

Blind Hog met Acorn at 10pm and back to the farm they skedaddled.  Routine chores seem like bliss after the drama, stress, and mayhem from Hurricane Ian.

FarmFest weekend in Springfield, the 3-day farm trade show with free admission! After 2.5 hrs enough was seen, back to the farm for a relaxing evening.

Barns getting cleaned, bee hives to be checked. Autumn in the Ozarks, which means a yard FULL of black walnuts.  Oy!  At least the county road is FINALLY getting the attention it deserves!

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