Season 3, Episode #36~ Hurrah for Cell Phone Signal Improvements!

Has been a week of home electronic installation as Blind Hog and Acorn received and installed the new cell phone booster kit and yes, the big test of improved signal reception is apparent- the podcast episode loaded up before this first paragraph was completed!  BOOM!  Just like that!

Besides putting up a new 6′ mast for the omnidirectional antenna, mounted on the old Hughes Net dish frame, the farmers have been picking up walnuts and should be finished by today.  Hullers are payiing $20/100 lbs of “debrided walnuts” and many of the nuts being picked up have already lost the husks, so Blind Hog and Acorn are a little ahead of the game there.

Chainsaws have got new bars and chains, all good there. Ready to tackle more dead trees!  Woodstove also had a cracked pane that was replaced- all is good there.

Sam the Farm Dog was going after a skunk (yes, he was sprayed) and after his bath it was discovered he had sliced three toe pads- evidenced by bloody pawprint all over the wood floor.  NewSkin, neosporin, and a doggie boot have helped speed healing.  This morning the cuts are not gaping, red and weeping.  Sam walks a wee bit funny with the boot but has not tried to chew it off.

About time to get that last strip of yard picked clean of walnuts, then off to the huller.

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