Season 3, Episode #39~ Blind Hog has his Cake!

Busy enough week for Blind Hog and Acorn- cutting down dead trees for firewood, cleaning up the sewing room and culling through boxes and boxes of “stuffs…”  A carload of recycling and thrift store drop offs… And the wall of boxes and shelves is so neat and tidy…

Blind Hog had a great 81st birthday, even got some work in while the weather was in the upper 70’s.  Now, it barely got above freezing for the high.  PLUS SNOW FLURRIES!

Oyster mushrooms have begun to fruit on firewood cut from a dead oak- it did have mushrooms before, but the last “fruiting” was pretty poor, Acorn thought it was all over.  NOPE!  May have to cook up something just to show off the  delicious fungi!

One thought on “Season 3, Episode #39~ Blind Hog has his Cake!

  1. Congratulations to the 81st power on the birthday and celebration to you both!

    Very best regards, Yvonne (Craig’s outside, dealing with our snowfall (that comes after flurries)…aargh!) 🥰


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