Season 3, Episode #40~ Pre-Thanksgiving P(r)ep Talk

Prepping of many kinds at SteelMeadow Farm…  Cooking, baking, cleaning.  Getting all the little fiddly bits done.  Fruitcakes…  Cinnamon rolls… Turkey…

Blind Hog’s firewood is no longer growing oyster mushrooms, those logs went into the woodstove.  Those logs were also very light, weight-wise, for their size. Guess the fungi have been taking care of that.

Goats are happy enough, cows too.  If the cows were not getting enough to eat or drink they would holler and so far all is quiet in the east field.

A trace of snow at the farm- nothing like the lake effect snow that is supposed to hit New York tomorrow. Oy.  Been there, done that.

Be safe this holiday week!

2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode #40~ Pre-Thanksgiving P(r)ep Talk

  1. The BIG 40!

    Forty wonderful episodes!


    div>Our Sunday morning pleasure❤️

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