Season 3, Episode #41~ Stuffed with Stuffin’ and a Goooooooaaaaaallll!

The holiday week began with cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  A bit of cooking too, but nothing crazy- was just Blind Hog, Acorn and Baby Badger.  Turkey was cooked a week before, and the few sides were easy peasy.

Usual chores continue.  Wire horse panels purchased and cut for the goose pens and barn door openings. Blind Hog has his woodpile about finished. Wolfpack for the win, and all the FIFA futbol has been entertaining, especially the commentators en Espanol!

Still no goat kids, Acorn needs to set her delivery equipment next to the back door. Squalls will soon be sounding on the baby monitor! That last piece of mincemeat pie did not last long!

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