Season 3, Episode #43~ The Cows Came Home!

Took some finesse but the calves thought they would be tricksie and came home with the goats last Sunday- Acorn quickly closed a gate behind them, got them separated into the round pen and cheered!  Let the weaning begin!  Calpurnia, Lulu and Pi shuffled on down and over the next day.  After 5 days with no ill effects, the buyers for SteelMeadow’s Piper, the last heifer, was loaded into a trailer to join her half sister and 30 other head of Irish Dexters outside Kansas City.

Now Blind Hog and Acorn can focus on goats and kidding to begin- looking at behaviors, one or two are beginning to “mumble…”  Talking to kids in utero… Sam caught and ate a squirrel, while it was still “fresh…” The steer found his hay, the geese danced in the moonlight and the goats are getting plump…

Yet more exciting futbol on the telly, weather has also been mild.  Finally got a good soaking rain.  For the first time all summer the dry creek has water flowing and the dredging by the county is working a treat!  No flooding up in the road!

Influenza is really hitting the Ozarks hard- neighbor’s son is in the ICU, folks all around are feeling/getting sick.  Get yer jabs, people... Not too late!

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