Season 4, Episode #1~ 2023 Off to a Great Start

Blind Hog and Acorn rang in the New Year as they usually do- sound asleep!  The past week has been full of farm chores and activities, even with sinus drainage…

Goose pens completed, geese paired up and set in their new digs where they will stay, segregated from each other, until goslings are hatched.

Goat kidding is now on hold for a month- 18 more nannies yet to pop.

Weather has been tolerable, so no big complaints from the farmers.  In fact, Acorn is thinking that today would be a great day to make up a batch of ice cream.  Blind Hog has requested a pan of brownies, and a day in the house  resting and relaxing might just be the ticket on an overcast day- highs in the mid 40’s they say…

Here is to a restful start for the New Year!

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