Season 4, Episode #8~ Kidding Winds Down

Wellllllllll, Acorn is rather tickled that she has not had to get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning.  Blind Hog said he was also relieved, but we all know he falls back to sleep.

Farm Visitors have broken up the day-to-day routines, is always nice to see friends. Not only do  the farmers get to have fun, but the house gets cleaned as well!

The “city house” has had the electric wiring totally redone.  Five days with workers in the attic and the skinny ones in the crawlspace. Plumbers start Monday.

The little wigglers are running around in the field like a white tidal wave. Cows getting jumped on now as they lie to chew their cud. If they could, they’d be rolling their eyes…

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