Season 4, Episode #17~ Goslings…

The incubator hatch was so-so… A few duds that were iffy when candled and although four goslings hatched, one did not make it.  Acorn thinks the egg was too warm and thus a “preemie” pipped too early.  Them another gosling developed spraddle leg from the incubator’s “too slick” floor.  When the legs go out sideways, they tend to stay that way.  Bandaids to the rescue!

Electric fence is back on and the goat kids have been learning some lessons…  Maybe..  Some seem to be repeat offenders…

All in all a good week, and Bling Hog goes off on a tangent… Acorn has also been enjoying an ice cream treat from Costco, complete with “samples” for toppings…

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