Season 4, Episode #18~ Snakes on a Plane

What a fun week at the farm!

Goslings hatching, new porch furniture, a porky pig sighting, goat milking in the mornings and whatever did Blind Hog and Acorn find in the clothes dryer blower fan but a pair of blue racers!  BTW- Acorn did check to see if they were on the trail of mice but there was not one tell-tale dropping or sign of mouse nesting activities- what we had here was a pair of snakes looking for some “privacy…”

Oy oy oy…  At least it was discovered that the dryer belt was cracked and would soon need replacing, but that in itself turned into two fruitless trips to Springfield.  New belt is to be delivered on Monday, via Amazon– the Helper of Rural Folk everywhere...

Bravo and Charlie gooses have both hatched their eggs- Bravo had two of her seven eggs hatch (the remaining eggs stinky duds), Charlie hatched four of eight.  Eggs five, six and seven are in the incubator since the first four goslings are out and about…  Egg #eight was an unfertilized dud.

Bling Hog got his pan of brownies.  All is well with the world.

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