Season 4, Episode #19~ Mower Ins and Outs

Blind Hog and Acorn started off the week by getting a really good deal on a battery powered riding mower, saving $2K off list price, only to find out that yes- it did have a serious problem and so they got it back to Tractor Supply within 24 hrs (almost) for a refund.  Seems it had a problem with the first owner who returned it and the problem did not duplicate itself for the store  manager. Below is the returned item

After much decision making, a zero-turn will be delivered to the farm on Wednesday… Yay!

Sam the Farmdog just dispatched a huge male groundhog- he is still panting and a bit of blood is still coming from where the ferocious whistle pig got ahold of poor Sam’s tongue!

Hot, humid, but getting much needed rain in nice slow amounts- no drastic flooding involved.

Scored a nice dining table with 8 chairs via FaceBook Marketplace… $100… Sold!

Time for a cold beer and to give Sam a treat…

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